Dear Friend,

Imagine loving bedtime.

Imagine the look of surprise on faces when you say that you sleep as soon as your head touches your pillow.

Imagine waking up fresh and ready to have yet another great day — full of focus, energy and enthusiasm.

Imagine feeling healthier than you’ve ever been, knowing that your chances of getting high blood pressure, diabetes, dementia and various ‘common’ colds have dropped like a stone.

This what we aim to do for you with The Sleep Letter.

But first…a warning.

None of us here are doctors or scientists, and we have no certificates and degrees hanging on our walls.

But just like you, we are sleep-questers. And just like you, we believe that everyone deserves to sleep well and enjoy nature’s free and powerful gift that can make us happy, healthy and wise.

And we are super-determined to learn, and super-eager to teach.

So what you will read on our newsletter are tips that have worked for us, information that we have gathered and analyzed.

Our research is your research, our methods and techniques are free for you to try, and our opinion on tools and technology are exactly what we think they are.

We will distill, decode and decipher all the sleep-related information out there to help you fall asleep quickly every night.

Sleeping well is a skill. And skills can be mastered.

Let’s do this together.

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